„With joy of a child I watched you having such a great pleasure from being on stage. You were so magnetic in your performance, that it was impossible to look anywhere else. At the same time the things you were doing were absolutely „simple”, opening wide people's hearts. You really touch people, be aware of that.”
- Tomasz (after Blueberry concert in Warsaw)

„While listening to you, one can really experience emotions, feel what you want to express and see your artistic honesty (…) I think it was one of the best, or actually THE best concert I've ever been to”
- Jagoda (after Blueberry concert in Gdańsk)

„Your ideas, the way you perceive music and how you express it – is really inspiring.(...) You motivate me to work. Thank you for sharing your music!”
- Esutsu (under video "control freak" on YouTube)