Ania Rybacka, Lo Ersare
The Art Of Escapism

The two women behind The Art of Escapism are subtle vocal talents. By using voices, loopers, effects and an almost constant eye contact, they create mythical creatures panning around the speakers, roaring and spinning with a hypnotic effect. Lo Ersare from Sweden and Ania Rybacka from Poland must be experienced in their live work with music, which emerges as a magnificent chimera of Spiritualized, The Knife and Björks Medulla.
Music magazine GAFFA
Havet it is an exceptionally original and courageous fusion of vocal possibilities in forming sounds, immersed in the idea of carefully prepared vocalizations. (...) A perfectly spiritual release, that puts the essence of the vocals in a completely different light - vocals, that we were not aware of existence in such a subtle form, simply trivializing their everyday beauty.
Egon Klank

Using voice as the most expressive and intimate from all instruments, Rybacka (PL) and Ersare (SWE) have discovered a universe welcoming audience to escape from daily routines, matters of past and future. Voices multiply and cross each other moving back and forth between complex layers of rhythms and music of a more minimalistic nature.

Improvised stories made of unconventional vocal soundscapes take the listener’s imagination for a creative spin. The improvisations are strongly influenced by folk music and vocal techniques coming from e.g. Bulgarian singing and Polish/ Swedish traditions. The time and place of the performance also affects the music making each concert a unique experience.

“I look into her eyes, and fearlessly begin singing the first thing that comes to my mind. We never talk before a concert. Never plan nor sketch our improvisation. I never know what will happen in following seconds, but I’m certain she will support me. She will surprise me, but never question me while we create. Our voices will become one. Again I will feel how our music is bigger then us. Again I will escape my body and dive into this mesmerising endless universe.”



photo: Julia Due

photo: Johanne Lerbech
photo: Tomo Jakobsen
photo: Hipermania