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concert 12th of September


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concert Studenterhuset

concert in Scena Kotlownia

concert in bajkonur

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concert in Kozlowo

concert in CafeArt U Muzyk'uff

Paper Me - Fragile Nature


Froggys 10 april

concert 24 april

Froggys 26 april

Froggys 3 may

concert 14th of May

concert 15 may


Froggys 22 may

Froggys 28 may

concert 5th of June

Froggys 7 june

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concert 13th of June

concert 26 june

concert 3rd of July

concert 4th of July - Copenhagen Jazz Festival

concert 6th of July - Copenhagen Jazz Festival

concert 8th of July - Copenhagen Jazz Festival

concert 10th of July

concert 11th of July - Copenhagen Jazz Festival


concert 9th of august

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concert 23th of august

concert 23rd of august

concert 12th of september

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concert 11th of december

performance 10th of january

ILK concert 7th of february

Sphere CD release

La Fontaine 22th of march

Mayhem concert 25th of march

DKDM concert 28th of march

Dome of Visions concert 12th of april

Trinitatis concert 12th of may

concert in darlowo 22nd of may

concert in Lodz 24th of may

concert in Warszawa 27th of may

Jazz House concert 2nd of june

Blueberry in Ideal Bar 3rd of june

concert in Froggys 27 june

concert in Froggys 09 july

Harbour concert 1st of july


concert 4th of july

Metronomen concert 8th of july

concert in Froggys 10 july

concert in Froggys 16 july


concert 17th of july

concert in Froggys 31 july


concert 2nd of september


premiere 25th of september


concert 27th of september


concert 8th of october

Galeria Arkady

concert 9th of october


concert 24th of november


dance concert 29th of november

Analog Bar

concert 4th of december


concert 12th of january


concert 21st of january

concert in Taastrup 13 february


concert 21st of february

concert 25th of february

The Dome Of Visions

concert 3rd of march


concert 17th of march


concert 31st of march

concert in Froggys 16th of april

concert in DKDM 24th of april

concert 26th of april

concert in Froggys 28th of april

concert in Froggys 12th of may

concert in Froggys 20th of may


concert 26th of may

concert in Froggys 2nd of june


concert 3rd of june


concert 4th of june

Chech Republic

concert 23rd of July

Singer Festival

concert 2nd of September